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  • AcneNet Home Page
       - Roche and American Academy of Dermatology
    A comprehensive source for acne and other skin problems
  • Long term complications from Minocycline
       - Young women who have been taking minocycline for acne for an extended period should be checked at regular intervals for signs and symptoms of lupus.

  • The Accutane Blame Game Dissatisfying Answers
       - Micheal Fumento - Is this a great country or what? Bad things that happen to us or to those around us are never our fault. Moreover, repeatedly it turns out that the responsible party is a huge corporation with deep pockets for suing! There are several links between suicide and Accutane, but they're hardly cause-and-effect. -- For more on Accutane

Safety During Pregnancy

Psychological Effects of Acne

  • Young Canadians suffering needlessly with acne
       - Canada NewsWire
    Moderate-to-severe acne has significant emotional impact on quality of life, yet one-third of sufferers are not seeking treatment, says national survey - "Young people are suffering unnecessarily and may be at genuine risk of permanent scarring - both emotional and physical," said Dr. Karen Scully of McMaster University.

    Teens should seek treatment for serious acne
       - Doctor's Guide
    Citing the often serious psychological and social impacts of acne, the American Counseling Association (ACA) is urging teenagers and their parents to consult a physician for medical treatment of moderate to severe cases of acne in time to improve the condition before teens return to school in late August.

    Health: Facing up to the misery of acne
       - The Independent - UK
    There's a condition that afflicts nine out of 10 adolescents and millions of adults all over the world. It can damage relationships, ruin careers, trigger mental health problems and even lead to suicide. It's acne, and the effects can be devastating.

  • Skin diseases drive sufferers to suicide
       - The Independent - UK
    Doctors have warned that skin disease can be a hidden killer after one treatment centre found that 16 of its past patients had committed suicide. The patients had a variety of skin problems, including acne, psoriasis and scarring: the youngest was only 16. In two cases, the patients had psychiatric problems and stalked their doctors before killing themselves. The two doctors who carried out the research into suicides among former patients say that skin disease should be accepted as a cause of suicide, and that rationing of a drug to treat acne may result in some patients who cannot get it killing themselves.

    Scientific evidence supports link between acne and depression
       - Doctor's Guide
    Why is acne such a big deal for young people? If your teenager has acne, don't just brush it off as a natural stage of life. It could be associated with clinical depression.

  • Acne drug reduces teen depression
       - Boston Globe
    Accutane, an acne drug that a Food and Drug Administration whistle-blower said was too risky to be widely sold, has been shown to reduce adolescent depression.

    The Social Impact of Acne
       - American Academy of Dermatology

  • CBC's Marketplace Accutane show - Feb. 6, 2001
       - Adobe .pdf file

    The CBC's program was rather one-sided, but it has some links of interest.