This Observatory is dedicated in loving memory to Lisa Lynn Bissett


Lisa Lynn Bissett Memorial Observatory, Baden, Ontario


This is a private observatory, that will have many uses as time goes on.

Lisa, our oldest child, was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 31 in 2000. She fought "the good fight" for 6+ years and finally succumbed to that @##$$%% disease on February 13, 2007. She was a scientist and, in her teenage years, dreamed of becoming an astronaut. It seemed appropriate to dedicate this observatory to her.

It is located on the property of the Canadian Independent College - a private high school that prepares students from Africa and Asia for university entrance. The school has a sister institution in Accra, Ghanaand it is hoped the students there will also be able to access this observatory for projects in astronomy.

This is an exciting new project that will have outreaching advantages in many areas. It has been 4 years in the making and you can see the evolution here.

As well, you will find astronomy pictures taken here.