Welcome to my travel page!

Over the years, I've been very fortunate in travelling to numerous places all over the world. In fact, I've visited all 7 continents. In the process, I've taken zillions of pictures and assembled them in a number of galeries.

Below you will find a list of my galeries. I hope you enjoy the pictures almost as much as I did taking them.

When you are in one of the galleries, you will see a number of pages with thumbnails (3 across and 5 down). If you click on any one of the thumbnails, you will then see a larger version of that picture. At the top left-hand of your screen, you will see "Index" - clicking on it will take you back to the thumbnail page. Also, you will see the number of the picture within the gallery. By clicking on the right-pointing arrow, you will access the next picture (the left-pointing arrow will take you the previous picture). You can download any of the pictures by simply dragging it onto your desktop.

A sureal evening in Swaziland

Giant's Causeway, N. Ireland

Lake District, England

Inuvik, NWT, Canada

Porto, Portugal

Kochi, Japan

Lerwick, Shetlands

Pantanal, Brazil

Near Mumbai, India

Bornholm, Denmark


Harbin, China


Alberta & BC-2009


Shetlands Journal


Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire