Truehope Nutritional Support
Telephone Triage

These ten scenarios were actually scripted by a medical doctor, and reviewed by a psychiatrist and another family doctor for fairness and accuracy. The scenarios were based on clinical reports of actual patients, who provided intimate knowledge of the operations of the Truehope Nutritional Support centre in Alberta. They were made between January and February 2004.

It is important to emphasize that Truehope did not employ mental health professionals to answer their phones.

For the most part, the people on the other end of the phone had either suffered from mental illness themselves, had used the Empowerplus products themselves, or members of their families had used the product. These people had become true believers in Empowerplus.

These associates however assumed the undeserved position as "experts", and their goal was ultimately to help support the sale of Empowerplus. They were not just order-takers, they became advisors to people who were sometimes deeply disturbed individuals.

It is apparent to any mental health professional that this is not the way that this type of service should be run. But it's an excellent way to run a business operation.

The Scenarios

Listen to the calls in mp3 format:

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