FAQ: Below are some of our most commonly asked questions. If after reading this, you don't find the answer to life's greatest mysteries, feel free to give us a shout at admin@rdrookies.com

What equipment is required?: Minimally we ask that everyone brings skates, stick and helmet. Beyond that, the rest is up to you, but we would HIGHLY recommend at least shin gaurds/pants. (Cup wouldn't be a bad idea either)

How do I sign up?: Be 1 of the first 20 players to sign up for a slot by checking out our schedule. Just e-mail us indicating which game(s) you would like to attend

How many guys come out?: We only allow 20 skaters/game to give each team 2 defense lines and 2 forward lines. This ensures every skater sees a decent amount of ice time each game

How long are games?: Entire game length depends on the day as we have games ranging from 60-75min. Every game however begins with at least a 5min warmup followed by 27min periods and 1min breaks between periods

Do you keep score?: Yes! What fun would it be if we didn't? However, although we do our best to organise even strength teams, sometimes the score gets out of hand. If a game reaches a point beyond return, we will suspend keeping score & face-off's and just let the game play on

What happens if I can't make a game I RSVP'd for?: We understand unexpected things happen, but to ensure everyone who wants to play, gets to play, we ask that if you commit to a game and something comes up, you give us at least 3 hours notice. Otherwise you will forfeit your payment or be asked to pay for the game you missed before attending another game if you didn't prepay

I used to play Jr. B, can I come out?: Unless your position was "Waterboy", probably not. Although we enjoy having some stronger players in our rotation, our main focus is creating an environment where the less experienced players of Red Deer can enhance their skills.