Aside from having fun, there aren't a whole lot of rules. But to ensure a safe, structured game, we ask that everyone abides by the following etiquette:

1) Safety first! That means no slap shots

2) We play 5v5 with 2 Forward lines & 2 Defense lines per team. Everyone aims for 2 minute shifts to share ice time evenly

3) We don't call penalties unless there was malicious intent; However a goal that resulted within 10seconds of a penalty will not be counted

4) We call offsides, but not icing

5) We only do face-offs after goals. If the goalie gets possesion of the puck at anytime, the offense must back off to the blue line

6) Each game will have at least a 5minute warmup followed by 27minute periods with 60sec breaks between

Equipment: Aside from having a helmet, skates & stick, the rest is completely up to you. However we would HIGHLY recommend wearing at least shin pads & pants to prevent almost certain pain.

Cancellation Policy: We understand unexpected things happen, but to ensure everyone who wants to play gets to play, we ask that if you commit to a game and something comes up, you give us at least 3 hours notice. Otherwise you will forfeit your payment or be asked to pay for the game you missed before attending another game if you didn't prepay.